Social Enterprise



We are the social commitment that fuses two worlds, weaving between them history, customs and empowerment.

We are about giving newfound value to ancestral and indigenous weaving techniques, which permit a dignified and sustainable life for the hands that weave our products in the Puna. These hands take care of the llamas, they skillfully carry out the process and expertly add the artisanal final touches.

Vibrating with resolve, we believe in dignified local production and work, providing the Puna and the Interandean Valles with well-being, through their colorful enchantments and the force of the region’s dreams.

Weloudlywhisper: diversity and cultural integrity are our key values. We build our identity around our differences. We are perseverance, creativity and the desire to create a better world, on this Earth.

Through our llama fiber, we bring to this modern world the materialization of the mystery, silence and deepness of this Puna, our Puna, your Puna.




Hilandería Warmi is a social corporation (Certified B Corporation® ) that directs its efforts to validate an innovative model for territorial development, which harmonically brings together a diverse set of actors. Through a respectful cultural encounter and the use of modern management tools, Warmi creates a positive impact in the sustainable socioeconomic development of the Argentinean Puna.

The company reactivated a Spinning Mill that has over 100 years of history – and it constantly strengthens it. This Spinning Mill was recovered by the Andean communities, along with successful Argentinean entrepreneurs, through the sustainable use of camelid and ovine resources in the region.




The WarmiSayajsunqo Association, which means “Persevering Women” in Quechua, has been an active shareholder of the company, since its inception. Composed of Coya women who work for the development of their region - the Argentinean Puna -, the association is based on training and entrepreneurship. Through the Warmi Association, we connect with the territory and learn more about the issues at hand.

Headquartered in Abra Pampa, the heart of Jujuy’s Puna, it represents approximately 90 local communities. More than three thousand families manage a communal fund of microcredits and different local enterprises. Its work has been praised and has received awards, all over the globe.