What We Are

Hilanderia Warmi is a social venture that focuses its efforts in validating an innovative model for the region’s development, that harmoniously involves different actors. By blending culture and the use of administrative modern techniques, Warmi creates a social and economical impact in the Argentinian Puna.

Our Essence

The Warmi Sayajsunqo Association, name that means ‘Persistent Women’ in the Quechua language, has been an active shareholder of the company since its inception. Conformed by Coya women that work for the development of the Puna, the association is based on training and entrepreneurship. Through the association, Warmi connects with the region.
Headquartered in Abra Pampa, the heart of Jujuy’s Puna, it represents approximately 90 local communities.

We are the social commitment that merges two worlds, weaving between them history, tradition, and empowerment. 

We are the enhancement of the ancestral and indigenous woven techniques that allows for a dignified and sustainable life to the hands that weave our products in the Puna. These hands care for the llamas, they skillfully perform the production process, and they give the final expertise touches.

We believe in dignifying local work and production, providing wellbeing to the Puna and the Andean communities.

B Corp

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