Zero Waste Commitment

The objective of this movement, or its philosophy of life as some define it, is to minimize the waste and garbage that we generate on a daily basis. 

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. It’s overall impact on our planet is of utmost concern. It is an issue that must be urgently addressed.

Various processes along the value chain are quite harsh on the environment. The most prominent sources of pollutants are: contamination from pesticides used in cotton cultivation, toxic dyes used in the manufacturing of fabrics, the extravagant amount of naturaland artificialresources used in this industry and the large amount of textile waste that is generated during the manufacturing of garments.

Here are some facts that are worth noting: the textile industry uses 97% of its raw materials from virgin sources and only 2% from recycled sources. Of the 53 million tons of fiber produced for the industry, 12% is wasted during the production of garments.

At Hilandería Warmi, we do not see our waste as a problem, but as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to turn our waste into raw material for local artisans and artists who, using their creativity and identity, interpreting the goodness of natural fibers to continue adding value and taking an environmental reality that worries us in a different direction.

Tell us, what would you do with our waste? We could get them off our hands, if you have a great idea!
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Our ZW products

  1. Carpets made to order. Contact us here
  2. Dolls
  3. ToyLlamas

Here are some tips to properly abide with the precepts of Zero Waste. Follow the rule of the 5 r's in the following order:

REJECT what we don't need.

REDUCE what we need.

REUSE by changing disposables for reusable alternatives and buying used items.

RECICLAR what we cannot reject, reduce, or reuse.